Why choose Queen Tech?

Engineering-expertise, reliability, experience, quality and a trusted brand for over three decades are a few of the great reasons customers choose Queen Tech Technology

QueenTech has been established in 2010 in Taiwan by a number of educated IT and Marketing experts, in flash data storage and accessory industry including Micro SD, External Hard Drive, USB flash, SSD, Power Bank, Chargers, Sound devices (Earphone, Headset, …) and Cable.
Based on our belief that our customers deserve the best quality, design, service and the latest IT technology, QueenTech try hard to improve customers trust and satisfaction by providing high quality product and service, experienced technical, Engineering and marketing staff.
Also with the aim of to be placed on among the first level of flash data storage providers and to be present powerfully in the region market, our company shows our commitment to provide high quality product and best customer service, which has made our brand one the most popular and well reputed brand in IT market, and Now being as one of the leading Data Storage device provider in our market, we believe that the growing path is unlimited and needs the dynamic progress and team working. The belief that has made our company to the full-fledged example of market innovation and supply of the latest in cutting-edge technology.